10, where they take a picture before death

As a photographer that has a lot of places to be when they have the opportunity to take photos. Local 10 on the list that may never get the chance to do photography is introduced. If you left an opportunity to travel if you go, take a camera and plan for each of these areas. Photos of the ten sites, consider your life will probably be the most beautiful photos.

If you know the best places in the whole wide world Bgnjnd list, a short description about it to be added to the list. Opportunities is low. So you have to start early.

1 - The first place to take a picture there before his death in survivors of the Khmer Rouge or the Angkor civilization in Cambodia. Stone sculptures of this lost tribe is one of the most beautiful photographic subjects.

2 - areas of great interest in the United States that would love to take a picture of them. But the most important parts of a valley in northern Arizona Monument, Antelope holes and Gharhy the Grand Canyon.

3 - Middle East. From Dubai to Iran. Baghdad and Kabul. Mqbrhhayy historic mosques in the region are tempted every scene is shot there once for a reason.

4 - Nepal is one of the highest countries in the world. I hope someday I can go and get photos of the villages covered in fog tipped peaks of the mountains of Nepal.

5 - Far East because I always combine almond eyes are man-made devices. But my greatest ambition is to photograph the Wall of China.

6 - National Park Yosemite National Park in California is one of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. I want to go there someday and do photography on the side of Lake Cathedral.

7 - Machu Picchu Mountain or old, is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Maybe if I went to America, to Chile, where they go and see it close. Plhplh land covered in lush Chmnhayy I Frzt allows others to see the beauty of the camera.

8 - Although Nepal is very eager to photograph mountains covered in fog, but it does not mean that I do not like to be the highest in American photography. Alaska photography mountain landscapes unforgettable experience definitely puts before us.

9 - Guatemala is also one of my choices. Not because of the beautiful architecture and Spanish people, not because a particular coverage. Of course, all good. I love when a high volcano Tshbazyshan but for three of them to take a picture.

10 - And finally, one of the most beautiful landscapes the world. Ireland. Rivers and lakes with rocky hills covered in a dream with lush shrubs. Mnatqyst one of those who will go there one day.